Shaniv Paper Industries Ltd. is Israel's second largest producer in the household paper products industry. It was established in the early 90's in the city of Ofakim by a group of investors, who had envisioned the Israeli national vision of a blooming and prosperous Negev.
In 1995, the company became a publicly held corporation and is currently traded in tel aviv stocj exchange market. From the beginning of its establishment, the company began manufacturing and marketing raw paper to manufacturing plants of finished paper products, who market their goods to retail and institutional customers in various lines of activities within the Israeli market.
Presently, the company is considered Israel's second largest manufacturer of household paper products, with an annual production capacity of approximately 31,000 tons, constituting about 30% of the domestic raw paper consumption in Israel.
The company's innovative production plants are deployed over 25,000 square meters in the industrial area of Ofakim, employing more than 250 employees and operating 24 hours a day, excluding weekends and holidays.
Since its establishment, the factory has kept the Shabbat and it does not operate on Saturdays and Jewish Holidays.
Over the years and as part of its vision and business strategy, the company continued growing and developing within the household paper products sector, and during 2006, it began manufacturing high-quality paper products for the end consumers, in addition to raw paper production, this in view of the company's knowledge, ability and desire to produce and market a comprehensive basket of quality products, based upon full consideration and recognition of the desires and needs of its customers, ensuring a high products quality and emphasizing the implementation of its promise to the consumers – enhance and contribute to their lives by using high quality products.
In the coming years, the company intends to continue its development pace and expand its activity within the household care products sector, by basing on its successful brands, quality human capital, technological advancement and the desire to contribute and revolutionize.
The company's vision:
We are an Israeli business corporation, a leader in its field, of a high standard and fast-growing, with faith and decency.

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