Shaneev-Sasatek Group

We are a publicly traded group specializing in the production, marketing, and distribution of consumer goods for the home, personal care, automotive sector, and institutional market.

Companies in the Group

מפעל שניב סאסאטק

Quality and Standards

The company’s management places utmost importance on quality policy, safety, environmental responsibility, occupational health, and proper manufacturing conditions.

שוק ההון אילוסטרציה

Stock Exchange Reports

Shaneev Paper Industries Ltd. is a publicly traded company listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.


משאית טאצ'

Our Vision

We are an Israeli business company, a leader in a quality and growing field. We operate out of a sense of family, belonging, mutual guarantee and belief in our individual and collective abilities to create and succeed.

Improving quality of life and creating the future Clean Shiny Pleasant Ecological Good more


בית לבן נקי

Home Catalog

Catalog of paper products, cleaning, disinfection, and cosmetics for the home. The catalog includes the brands Touch, Novo, Green Care, Maxol Max, and Lovely.

מטבח מוסדי

Institutional Catalog

Catalog of paper products, cleaning, disinfection and cosmetics for the institutional market under the Touch Professional brand.

מותגים של קבוצת שניב סאסאטק

Additional catalogs

Browse a variety of catalogs of our brands including TNX by Lior Koka, MB, MD Clean